PRO SineWave (inovative cycle analysis tool)

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PRO SineWave (inovative cycle analysis tool)

Postby Phil_RX » Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:39 am


PRO SINEWAVE is a very powerful cycle analysis tool with an inovative chart display. Based on an improved version of J.Ehlers Sinewave indicator it detect the market cyclical elements from the price action but also the moment when it breaks into a trend mode where the cycles are not respected, the oscillator then gets in a dephased stage, desperately trying to find cyclical elements in a straight trend mode. This enhanced code was developped to be even more sensitive to this trend breakouts. Anyway that’s actually not the main purpose of this indicator. It’s goal is to use cycle analysis and bound it to the price levels. Cause price is what trading is all about right ? PRO SINEWAVE is in fact two indicators, one is the oscillator showing you the pure cycle activity, basically this one can be read just like a classic SineWave, you’ll see that my improvements are quite significant if you even compare them !

The second is an indicator that is overlaying lines on the price area only (saving you some precious chart space). It links the cycles in realtime to the price and look at its evolution. From this analysis the indicator uses some pattern recognition algorythms to detect potentially interesting reversals. This chart only version includes a « Smart OSC display » function that allow you to see where the current cycle strengh in realtime. PB stands for « PullBack », it’s generally an opportunity to enter or re-enter in a trend as the movement still has energy to keep moving in a directionnal way (before loosing it and going back to faster cyclical moves of « indecision » before an eventual reversal). TP means « Take Profit » and is simply a step in a trending mode where the prices have to retrace a little bit, usually this is leading to a PB on the next swing before eventually reaching the last state which is « END ». END for « End of Trend » which is a point where the trend moves are i loosing energy and where it’s most likely the time to stop betting on this side… (without meaning that its a strong reversal signal).

This indicator is available here :
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