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PRO Analyzer (automatic technical analysis tool)

Postby Phil_RX » Thu Oct 22, 2015 5:36 am


PRO ANALYZER is a very efficient trend analyser tool that can instantly detect and draw trend analysis elements for you directly on your chart. It updates in real-time with not any repaint feature. It contains several different « cores » and you’ll have the ability to choose whichever you want to be applied or not. You can also choose to hide some of the elements so they are not displayed on the chart but still having the core process running an alerting you in case of crossing.
You’ll no longer have to care about drawing trend lines, fibonacci’s retracements and extensions. PRO ANALYZER will automatically draw these for you, it will also detect eventual harmonic patterns, define their potential targets and of course you can set to be alerted about any event concerning these elements.

Alert system provides audio, email, and visual alerts so that you can never miss a single opportunity. You can switch timeframes and/or instruments, PRO ANALYZER will of course redraw within a second ! If you ever think that the trend lines are not the most accurate, you’ll obviously be able to edit them. Moreover you can also choose to run the analysis on a higher timeframe than the one you’re looking at ! Everything will automatically be synchronised to the local timeframe! One of the advantages is that you will be able to run a multi-timeframe analysis by using mutliple instances, each one will have its own process and you’ll identify clearly wich timeframe each line refers to.

This indicator is available here :
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