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Higher Timeframe Indicators

Postby Mukonazwothe » Thu Aug 20, 2015 4:14 am

I am developing a series of higher timeframe indicators. Normally I'd take any indicator and convert it using my special algorithm called the EMKHEI HT.

What is an HT indicator?

It is a type of indicator that can be displayed on small timeframes like m1 while it is showing the H1 output of the same indicator and the same period settings. An EHKHEI HT EMA in m1 with a period setting of 20 and timeframe multiple of 60 has the same output as an EMA on H1 with the period setting of 20. The advantage of the EMKHEI HT type is that it will be updated every minute, this is good for look-back algorithms like those used in neural networks and genetic algorithms.

Timeframe multiple?

This setting is available on EMKHEI HT series so that the user can have any timeframe multiple of the timeframe the chart is using. Basically you can have any timeframe, for example, an EMKHEI HT EMA in m1 chart with a period setting of 20 and timeframe multiple of 1 is the same as EMA in m1 period setting of 20. if timeframe multiple is then 2 it will be the same as EMA in m2 period setting of 20. But m2 is not available in Marketscope but it is available on EMKHEI HT series so that you can optimize your strategies on a timeframe of your choice and that is AYOBANESS :D . enough said.

Here are the pictures to show the displays on m1 chart.
from far

indicator 2.jpg
indicator 3.jpg

if you are interested contact me on mukonarams@gmail.com ten dollars an piece if I can code it for you. Only working with lua. And the code will be converted to bin. To have in lua it costs 100 dollars a piece.
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