Make some additions to a strategy

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Make some additions to a strategy

Postby monty55 » Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:08 am


Can you give me the quote for the following simple changes to the breakout strategy. ... t=breakout

I noticed in the backtesting that the strategy closes the previous trade to open another one if it is in the opposite direction - for example if a buy trade was initiated and the next break out signals a sell trade - it will open a sell trade while closing the buy trade that was initiated.

Also, if a buy or sell trade already exists the strategy doesn't open another another buy or sell trade when another signal occurs. I have downloaded all the versions of strategy and backtested them but this seems to be the case.

And as far as I know there is only a 'net stop' or 'net limit' option - as in even if I have two buy trades, I might not be able to have independent stops or limits for the two of them.

My account is non-US based so I have hedging as an option and I would like the strategy to open each trade independently of each other, set the stop and limit for it when trade is executed and this trade should not influence the next trade. So the above problems should not occur i,e. previous trade should not be closed if the next trade is in the opposite direction and that the strategy should open consecutive buy or sell trades.

Also I would like to set stops and limits for each trade independent of others and not have only the option of 'net stop' or 'net limit' - I can manage the trades on my own after they are created.

Lastly the strategy has this option: once per day.

Which means that if it is selected as 'yes' the strategy opens a buy and sell trade only once (if breakout occurs both directions in same day) and if put to 'no' it opens a trade every time a breakout occurs no matters what the direction. I would like to have the option, that when it is set to 'yes' - it should only open one trade in whichever break out occurs first - so that once a trade has been made no other trade should be made for that day. Hope you get me.

Thank you.
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Re: Make some additions to a strategy

Postby Georgiy » Tue Nov 25, 2014 3:55 am

Hello Monty55,

I have answered you via private message.
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