Fresh Inertia

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Fresh Inertia

Postby Daydreaminblue » Sat May 17, 2014 5:38 pm

Please bare with me as I explain how I'd like this made and let me know if it is possible.

The "Inertia Bars.lua" needs to be tweaked. I did my best in trying to explain in the screenshot below how I'd like this to work. Inertia Bars highlight the bars greater than, in my case for example, 50% of the range with my drops and rising candles are both black. This is great. But on the chart I need only a certain few bars to be highlighted, in specific areas.

Starting from current price, I need to go up and left to find highs, and set an area (the long green lines, just to show) where inertia bars can't work under. In other words continue to have the Inertia work the way it does, without cutting through candles. Continue to go left, until candles are hit, in which you move up the candles and any bar less than (in this case,) 50% on the way will work with Inertia, until a new high is found, then it goes all the way to the left until it again hits candles and has inertia work on the way up, etc. Same process goes for lows and moving down and to the left.

I realize this is very abstract. Please let me know if this can be made, and if so PM me quotes etc.

Thank you!
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Re: Fresh Inertia

Postby Gennadiy » Tue May 20, 2014 12:28 am


I have answered you via email.

Thank you.

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