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Suggestions Part 1

PostPosted: Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:05 am
by Apprentice
1. New Name
I'm NOT particularly pleased with the name duality we have these days.
Is It TS2 or Is It MarketScope.
Can we simply call our trading station MarketScope.
This will simplify marketing and eliminate end user name confusion which I witnessed.

2. Interchangeability of elements
Currently we can not exchange elements from MarketScope & preset TS2.
I suggest the following.
The introduction of workspaces.
Each user can have one or more workspaces.
Workspace layout can be customized and saved for later use.

User can add any elements from MarketScope & preset TS2, on any of their
elements can be charts, dealing rates, open positions info ...

3. Add additional parameters to Offers (table)

Two new Type within InstrumentType table

will be a new class of generic instruments.
Use can generate such istruments via "basket tool" which will be described later.
User should be able to trade such a instruments.
Via this table we can feed the data to a user chart.
This instrument is tradable.

- DataFeed
Using price server, we can feed the trade station with different data sets
e.g. economic indicators, synchronously with the chart.
(detailed description You can find under 20. Economic Data Feed Manager)

This instruments are NOT tradable.

- Tradable
Will specify if the instrument is tradoble or not.
1 -Tradable
0 -Non Tradable

-OpenBid -The Open price of the instrument for the current trading day.
-OpenAsk -The Open price of the instrument for the current trading day.

-BidPipChange - Change in Pips for the instrument for the current trading day.
-AskPipChange - Change in Pips for the instrument for the current trading day.

4. Increase 20 pair subscription limit or eliminate it altogether.

Over the years the number of available istruments increased significantly.
(Gold, Gas,Oil, Indices...)
Subscription limit has remained the same.
This creates some practical / convenience problems.

Convenience- For indicators that use multi-instrument lists, which allow at glance overview,
This limit is the limiting factor.

Practical- For indicators like Currency Correlation (Available on Fxcodebase), Which are created on the basis of more than one istruments,This limit is the limiting factor.

5. Instrument grouping / filtering

The availability of a large number of instrument will create its own set of problems.
Therefore, I would propose the filter or Instrument grouping.

The proposed groups can be, Forex, Commodities, CFDs, Stocks, Indices, Economic Indicators, baskets of currencies, Energy, Metals,

6. Basket tool
Basket tool will allow the user to generate Generic Currencies.
Basket tool is defined by this parameters.

Name – Basket Name

Instrument –Instrument we add to the Basket

Quantity – Number of Lots for Selecter Instrument

Regular- Instrument is added as it is
Reverse - Instrument is reverse

If Reverse is Set to No Eur/Usd is added.
If Reverse is Set to Yes 1/ (Eur/Usd) is added.

If 1 lot or Eur/Usd is added
Basket will have a price as regular EUR / USD

If 1 lot or Reverse Eur/Usd is added
We effectively have USD / EUR .
Price will be 1/(EUR/USD)

User should be able to be created baskets from several currencies, with different weights and Directions for each.

„Example Basket“
1 Lot of EUR/USD
2 Lots of USD/JPY
3 Lots of Reverse AUD/USD

User should be able to create and save the basket for later use.

Trading station should locally generate Basket instrument.

Trading station should locally generate Basket instrument historical price.

User should be able to add Basket instrument to chart as any regular instrument.

User should be able to Trade Basket instrument.

7. Market Order
I suggest the following extension to Creat Market Order interface.

Market Neutral – As option Buy/Sell/Market Neutral
This will effectively put the chosen currency pair in a neutral position.
For each open position in selected currency pair, TS will open the same size positions with opposite direction.

Basket generic Pairs should be available within the symbol drop-down menu.

Similar changes should be made for the Create Entry Order interface.

8. Single click Market Neutral button - Available as single click Market Neutral button for all Currency Pairs .

9. Entry Order

I suggest that the Entry order can be defined by its placment.

We can place Order Entry on the EUR / USD to buy the AUD / AUD.
BUY EUR / USD if AUD / USD reaches 0,9000

We can place Order Entry based on Any Price Source/Indicator/Oscillator.
BUY EUR / USD if AUD / USD RSI reaches 50


10. Zone Tools
Often Price Action can not be contain within Lines
Therefore i Suggest addition of Zone Tools, similar as We already have Line tools.

Horizontal Zone – defined by two lines, two points

Vertical Zone - defined by two lines, two points

Zone – defined by two lines, three points
(Allow us to have sloped zones)

All three have the color and transparency.

Re: Suggestions Part 1

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:13 am
by SuperTrader
Fantastic work!!! :) I had no idea that such document exists!!... I'll go ahead and vote right away, thank you so much for your constant efforts Apprentice!! :)