Strategy Trader coding questions

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Strategy Trader coding questions

Postby Hannes Joubert » Fri Sep 17, 2010 2:01 am

Hi All, trust everyone is well?

I'd like to find out how/where I would be able to have a my manual strategy converted to code for use in FXCM's Strategy Trader?

Unfortunately I myself have absolutely no coding experience...

Any advice please?


Hannes Joubert
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Re: Strategy Trader coding questions

Postby Nikolay.Gekht » Fri Sep 17, 2010 9:31 am

This forum is about FXCM Trading Station indicators, signals and strategies, not about FXCM Strategy Trader.

FXCM Strategy Trader is very raw beta product so we aren't interested in any development or support for this product. Also, programming API of Strategy Trader are bad (almost not at all) documented and are no so simple as FXCM Trading Station programming interfaces.

So, you can think about using the award-winning FXCM Trading Station application instead, which is also already installed on thousands of desktops and shown excelled performance and stability during almost 7 year in production for FXCM and hundreds of other brokers and their clients.

If you are interested in FXCM Trading Station development, you are welcome here. We can help you develop your own strategy (we have documentation and a number of articles on how to develop) or we can develop it for you.

There are three option of the development:
a) If you want to make your strategy public, we will do it for free, we need a good idea for sample strategies.
b) If you want to use Gehtsoft USA (authors of the trading station) for developing your strategy it will costs $70/hour. The typical strategy which is more or less complex usually takes 1-2 days to be developed.
c) We can also recommend freelancer indicator and strategy authors who develop good indicator and strategies. They are located in eastern europe and ex-USSR, so price is much cheaper, let's say $25-$30/hour.

If you are interested in the development please contact me via email at nikolay.gekht(at)gehtsoftusa(dot)com.
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