Saved Layout Issue

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Saved Layout Issue

Postby Bebbspoke » Thu Jan 05, 2012 4:45 am

Hi there folks,

Slight problem when re-opening saved layouts with the current Beta version: - the number of time frames of the switching period is NOT saved or carried forward.
it's not exactly a bug of major importance but it would be nice if things behaved similarly; -
In the "standard" version loading a different symbol will maintain the period and time frame settings of the saved version - great - I can decide to have (say) one hours worth of one minute bars displayed each time I swap symbols...
In the "beta" version this does not appear to be possible - swapping symbols defaults to a not preferred (much greater) number of bars.
Is this a bug or is there a preference option that I have not been able as yet to identify?

Thanks in advance and

Happy New Year and successful trading to you all... cheers, Bebbspoke
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Re: Saved Layout Issue

Postby sunshine » Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:54 am

Hi Bebbspoke,

The issue you described is a known one in the beta version.

Please note that Trading Station version published on fxcodebase has matured beyond the beta stage and is available as a full release on the FXCM web site. The described issue has been fixed in the official version.

Thank you for your congratulations on the New Year! Same to you!

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