Logarithmic scale

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Logarithmic scale

Postby ThemBonez » Sat May 15, 2010 6:03 pm

Is it possible to look at Marketscope charts in logarithmic scale?
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Re: Logarithmic scale

Postby Nikolay.Gekht » Mon May 17, 2010 4:09 pm

Not in this version.
Could you please show me an example why log. scale is required for prices? It will simplify decision whether this function must be included into the next release.
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Logarithmic scale

Postby woopsowew » Tue Aug 03, 2010 8:38 pm

a very helpful feature for me would be the possibility to use a logarithmic scale for e.g. the current rank chart.

most of the time i use a custom range "0-500" for charts to be able to compare well-ranked and not-so-well-ranked keywords better as if i would use "full range".

one big disadvantage for me is, that i can not see how the well-ranked-keywords in the TOP10 evolved in detail: you almost can not differentiate between a rank of 3 and a rank of 7 if you have set a custom range of "0-500".

i guess the possibility to use a logarighmic scale for graphs would be a great help to solve this problem. maybe you could implement a button where you can switch between "normal scale" and "logarithmic scale" e.g. right beside the "filters" button?

what do you think?
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Re: Logarithmic scale

Postby Ancient » Sat Dec 25, 2010 1:45 am

Nikolay.Gekht wrote:
Could you please show me an example why log. scale is required for prices? It will simplify decision whether this function must be included into the next release.

In Short: It is all about whether what you are seeing is what it looks to be or not!

Where Time Frame Based Charts are in question, when the ratio of the range to time changes, the visual representation of the range gets distorted and as a result leads the human eye to interpret the information less accurately or even totally falsely resulting from the constant distance maintained by Time as opposed to Price which continuously adjusts.

The logarithmic scale can greatly improve this, especially where manual trading is concerned, since it uses the logarithm of the physical quantity on the vertical axis, being an incremental equal pip range of price in this case, rather than the quantity itself which is the Price, and hence provides for constant equal horizontal as well as vertical distance as defined by user thereby maintaining visually equal percentage change which is quickly and correctly interpreted by the user.

Consequenlty, this helps to more efficienly manage larger ranges in a manner which is not only more natural to the human eye, but also more true, resulting in the correct interpretation of the data due to the equal increments of Increase or decrease of the range, especially useful with smaller Time Frames!

Why draw fibs and then go back and measure to make sure it is not an optical illusion? Why not just know that what you are looking at, is what you understand it to be at all times?

Just my 2 cents towards helping you decide whether this function must be included into the next release.


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Re: Logarithmic scale

Postby JakunaJM » Wed Feb 01, 2017 10:25 am

In long term analysis of charts you can see accelerating curves in their advance (Major Trends) on arithmetic scale and produce straight trends on a logarithmic scale.

Furthermore, in logarithmic scale you can see percentage increase instead of Dollar value, which (again for long term analysis) is more valuable.

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